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If you have a layout in mind and want me to help you out and design it - I would be thrilled to attempt such things! Diesel daisy design is on facebook... There very likely could be a few more layouts over there than here but I am getting back into the swing of things. I have a few new blogging buddies that dont facebook so I want these available to them :D
If a layout gives you issues don't hesitate to let me know. For some its easier to have me fix 'm' up. I don't mind that at all either! Have a great Day!

personal blog layouts

your welcome to use the layout

It is rather simple!
Save the layout as if it were a photo. (right click, save) open your dash board, select the design tab. Next selection will be right under that design tab, click on template design. Simply choose the watermark layout. Then to the far left select background. Click remove below the preview window. Now click the down arrow to the right of the box, at the top of the list is upload image. Click choose file. Now go into where you saved your background from Diesel Daisy Design. Upload the image you saved on your computer. It shouldn't take to long just be sure to preview everything before saving. Once your background is loaded. Your almost done! You will want to select center image (alignment), and I prefer non tiling. UNCLICK scroll with page. IF anything is off center - feel free to adjust widths. Its not to hard **SMILE** Apply to blog when your finished